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February 26th - March 4th

7 days of online workouts and meditations to increase your compassion and feel like your strongest, most confident, and radiant self. Sign up by starting your free trial.

Each day you will:

  • Fire up one 30-minute move and meditate video. Each video includes a workout and finishes with a short meditation.
  • Track progress and reflect in your integrated 2-minute online journal
  • Get direct support from me via email

Workouts To Love Your Body

It’s hard to feel the love if you feel crappy. This program includes a variety of workout videos ranging from grounded yoga flows to high intensity sweat fests—giving you an endorphin high and more positive mindset.

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Meditations To Love Yourself

The meditation at the end of each video is designed to help you extend more love and kindness to yourself. These are the exact practices I use to ditch my negative self talk and practice more self acceptance.

Love Your Community

In these divisive times, it’s easy to get a cynical view of the world around us. The good news is, the more practice compassion for ourselves, the more connected we feel to everyone else. This combination of movement and meditation has helped me be less judgemental and more open-minded. I can’t wait to share it with you!

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