Learn to meditate

Get the basics down in 2 minutes and let me guide you through a short meditation.

1. Ditch your expectations.

When we meditate, we’re not trying to achieve a specific state of being or clear our mind of thoughts. Instead of putting pressure on yourself to get somewhere, approach your meditation with a beginner’s mindset and be open to whatever shows up.

2. Get comfortable.

Sit upright so your back is supported and your head is free. I like to sit in a chair or lean against a wall when I meditate. There’s no need to sit up straight or be rigid in your body. Allow yourself to relax into a position that feels good. Eyes can be closed or open with a soft gaze.

3. Breathe naturally.

Settle into the natural wavelike rhythm of breath—allowing it to be easy and free. As you stay present with your breath, you may start to notice thoughts drifting in. When this happens, it’s perfectly fine. Simply observe your thoughts, then gently guide your attention back to the breath.

4. Let it be.

Don’t label your thoughts or your meditation as good or bad. Whether you enjoy the experience or not, you’re getting serious benefits from slowing down and sitting in the quiet. The meditations that have been the hardest to sit through have taught me the most about myself.

5. Stay consistent.

Meditation only works if you do it. Start by sitting for 3 minutes at a time, and work your way up to 10. Another tip: Meditate after exercise. Once I’ve blown off steam and gotten a little sweaty, it’s easier for me to sit and I’m more open to the experience.

Try It!

You don’t need me...

Guided meditations are awesome—especially for beginners—but people have been meditating for thousands of years without them. While you don’t need me or my classes to develop a practice, I can make it so much easier.

Let’s do this together.

With a variety of guided meditations available, you can experiment and see what style resonates with you the most. Also, by giving you the option to combine movement with meditation, you’ll build strength physically and mentally and experience a shift from the inside out. Ready to do this with me?

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