Hi, I'm Kait!

I’m a movement and meditation teacher and entrepreneur based in Portland, OR. I’ve created an online training program focusing on dynamic exercises to help you step into higher consciousness through mindfulness and motion. Connecting with women all over the world on this hybrid approach to mind-body wellness has been the highlight of my career and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

As a lifelong athlete with over a decade of experience in the fitness industry, I was first introduced to meditation and its benefits after I experienced a series of anxiety attacks. The incredible results of adding meditation to my exercise practice opened my eyes to an entirely new definition of health—one that includes a resilient mind and body. This newfound purpose took me from being a lead trainer at a top fitness brand to immersing myself into a yoga teacher training and an intensive meditation mentorship program under Kimberly Carson at Oregon Health Sciences University.

As my meditation practiced deepened, I noticed the benefits were compounding. However, I struggled to incorporate meditation regularly into my day. Due to a busy life, I found myself having to choose between working out or meditating. It was only when I began moving my body before meditation that I noticed a giant shift from the inside out. After blowing off steam and working up a sweat, sitting suddenly felt easier and I became more open to the experience.

When I’m not moving and meditating or helping others do the same, I love hanging at home with my husband and business partner Peter and my kitten Javier.