My Story

My mission is to offer tools to help you tap into your intuition and inner strength so you can live a more vibrant and resilient life.

My Signature Move + Meditate® Method:

1. Sweat first.

Choose from a variety of heart-pumping, take-it-to-your-edge workouts to light up your glutes and core. Or if you need to chill, I’ve got grounded flows to help you give your body a break.

2. Then sit.

By harnessing the energy and endorphins cooked up during each workout, you’ll be less antsy and more open to the experience of meditating. You’ll also give your body deep rest.

About the Movement

Choose from a variety of heart-pumping, take-it-to-your-edge workouts to light up your glutes and core. Or if you need to chill, there are more grounded, restorative options to give your body a break. Wherever you land, you’ll find classes set to bumping music that move your body in all directions and pull together a mix of yoga, calisthenics, and plyometrics.

About the Meditation

The meditations are inspired by traditional yogic and Buddhist teachings as well as the wisdom traditions of humanity going back thousands of years. Expect a diverse mix of practices including body scans, lovingkindness, breathwork, and more. Each practice is designed to train your attention and refine your ability to work more skillfully with the energies of the heart and mind.


Music drives the energy of each class. The majority of the licensed tracks you hear in class are various forms of dance music, but it’s important to realize this music isn’t just for our entertainment. It emerged in the 1970s and 80s as a response to oppression. House music came from LGBTQ communities in Chicago. Techno was created by Black Detroiters and repressed East-Berliners. Hip Hop and disco come from Black and Latino communities in New York.

History of Yoga

Yogic teachings date back to India 5000 years ago, and for 4500 of those years, the practice was strictly meditation. The asana practice that we’re more familiar with today in the United States was introduced in America in 1892 by Swami Vivekananda. While I don’t consider my classes to be straight-up yoga, I am a yoga teacher with a 200 Hour YTT. The practice is a massive inspiration for me and influences everything else I do. 

Meet Kimberly Carson, MPH

The practices and offerings available on the KAIT app and website are developed in collaboration with Kait's teacher, Kimberly Carson. Kimberly is a yoga therapist, mindfulness educator, author and trainer. Her 25 years of work developing, teaching, and researching mindfulness programs at Duke University, the University of North Carolina, and Oregon Health & Science University has helped thousands of people refine their relationship to stress, loved ones, anxiety, pain, illness and innumerable life struggles. It is a deep honor to share her wisdom and expertise with you.


I co-founded this company with my husband Peter Marks in 2017 in Portland, Oregon. To-date, we've bootstrapped the company on our own savings and have not taken outside investment.

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